Cross-Curriculum Search for Intergeo


Intergeo is a European project dedicated to the sharing of interactive geometry constructions. This pro ject is setting up an anno- tation and search web platform which will offer and provide access to thousands of interactive geometry constructions and resources using them. The search platform should cross the boundaries of the curriculum stan- dards of Europe. A topics and competency based approach to retrieval for interactive geometry with designation of the semantic entities has been adopted: it requests the contributor of an interactive geometry resource to input the competencies and topics involved in a construction, and allows the searcher to find it by the input of competencies and topics close to them; both rely on plain-text-input. This paper describes the current prototypes, the input-methods, the workflows used, and the integration into the Intergeo platform.


Proceedings of the 7th Conference on Mathematical Knowledge Management, LNAI, Springer Verlag, 2008