Math-Bridge: Closing Gaps in European Remedial Mathematics with Technology-Enhanced Learning


Math-Bridge is an e-Learning platform for online courses in mathematics. It has been developed as a technology-based educational solution to the problems of bridging courses taught in European universities. Math- Bridge has a number of unique features. It provides access to the largest in the World collection of multilingual, semantically annotated learning objects for remedial mathematics. It models students’ knowledge and applies several adaptation techniques to support more effective learning, including personalized course generation, intelligent problem solving support and adaptive link annotation. It facilities a direct access to learning objects by means of semantic and multilingual search. It provides rich functionality for teachers allowing them to manage students, groups and courses, trace students’ progress with the reporting tool, create new learning objects and assemble new curricula. Overall, Math-Bridge offers a complete solution for organizing technology-enhanced learning of mathematics on individual-, course- and/or university level.


, 2013-11