Formula Collection Mobile Apps Realized by Teachers


Formula collections are books used in several European countries to support the practice of mathematics of by its learners and later by its practitioners. They are compendia of mathematical formulæ that students employ during their studies, and which may be of use in later professional life. This research explores the opportunity of bringing the formula collection to the mobile phones of the school students. It is motivated by the fact that the formula collection may be one of the rare objects that pupils may refer to later in their lives, when mathematical knowledge needs to be recalled. Making it a mobile phone app makes it a zero weight object which is in easy reach. Technically, this app is realized by a set of HTML files compiled into a mobile application. This makes the formula collection a first class citizen that students can easily access. More importantly, this makes it an artifact that teachers can create themselves instead of relying on a publisher: using their notations and their selected content. The centerpoint of this research is to enable teachers in creating and delivering such an app to the mobile devices of their students.


[PDF at CEUR-WS]paper-05.pdf